Who needs an E-appliance? What problems does it solve?

  • Those who grind and clench their teeth – the E-appliance will eliminate or greatly reduce clenching or grinding. Even in those who still brux, the damage being done to the teeth will stop.
  • Those with headaches or facial pain – the E-appliance can significantly reduce or eliminate the pain by allowing the patient’s muscles to relax. It also allows the patient’s own anatomy and muscles to place the joint in the most natural position while reducing muscle activity.
  • Those who have had cosmetic or restorative dentistry – the E-appliance will protect any restorative or cosmetic dentistry and the natural dentition. The E-appliance creates longevity for restorations and prolongs the life of natural teeth.
  • Those who want to keep their teeth properly aligned – the E-appliance will hold both upper and lower teeth in their present position and prevent orthodontic relapse.
  • Those who are preparing for restorative work – the E-appliance helps create a stable joint position and muscle coordination, allowing you to balance a patient’s bite with confidence.
  • Those whose joints click or pop – the E-appliance reduces the forces in the joint by reducing muscle activity and stops the progressive breakdown of the joint.
  • Those whose symptoms make a diagnosis difficult – the E-appliance is an excellent diagnostic tool that allows you to distinguish between muscle problems and internal derangements of the joint. Using our protocol the E-appliance will identify those patients you should not treat.
  • Those who have cracks, fracture lines or weakened teeth – the E-appliance protects existing tooth structure and prevents further damage.
  • Those who don’t want or can’t afford to have their bite balanced or have restorative dentistry done – the E-appliance will help patients get in their “adaptive zone,” giving their teeth and joints time to rest and repair while they sleep. For most people, this – combined with blue dot therapy – will keep them in their adaptive zone so continued damage is minimized or eliminated.